Terms of Use(Constitution)

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 (Name)

The name of the Association shall be "Ginza Jishukai Clinic" (hereinafter referred to as "the Member") and shall be referred to as "Jishukai Clinic.

Article 2 (Location)

The address of the Association shall be the 3rd floor of GINZA888 Building, 8-8-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

Article 3 (Operation and Management)

The facilities of the Association shall be owned by Jishukai, and operated as well as managed by Jishukai and Ginza Jishukai Clinic.

Article 4 (Purpose)

The purpose of this Association is to provide general health care for its members.

Chapter 2 Membership

Article 5 (Types of membership)

The types of membership are as follows
1. Individual member: One person shall be registered as an individual member.
2. Corporate member: A person who signs and registers a contract as part of a corporation.
3.Family Member: The spouse or child of an Individual Member or Corporate Member who is registered.

Article 6 (Name Change)

1. As a general rule, both individual and corporate members may not change the name of the contractor, except in the case where the Association approves such a change.
2. Corporate members who wish to change the name of the registered user can do so by following the procedures to change a user. (A fee may be charged to change the name of the registered user.)

Article 7 (Membership Qualifications)

1. Applicants who wish to obtain membership (hereinafter referred to as "Applicant") must undergo a membership screening by the Operator, and must have the dignity and social credibility appropriate for membership, and must not be a member of a crime syndicate, other antisocial forces, or related parties (hereinafter referred to as "antisocial forces, etc.").
2. The Operator may, at its discretion, examine the requirements for granting membership and approve or disapprove the applicant's admission. In the event that the Operator does not approve an applicant, the Operator shall not provide a reason.

Article 8 (Method of Admission)

Those who wish to join the Association shall submit the prescribed set of application forms and pay the admission fee as well as membership fee specified by the Company by the date specified by the Company.

Article 9 (Admission Fee and Annual Membership Fee)

Members shall be obliged to pay the admission fee and annual membership fee in advance. The paid admission fee shall not be refunded under any circumstances.

Article 10 (Disqualification)

A member shall be disqualified from membership in the following cases
1.Withdrawal from membership
2. Death
3.Expulsion or suspension of membership.

Article 11 (Expulsion and Suspension of Membership)

The Operator may expel or suspend the membership of a member in the event of any of the following:
1. If the member defames the Association or its staff, or disturbs the order and etiquette of the Association.
2. If a member commits a crime or is suspected of committing a crime and loses social credibility.
3. If the member fails to pay the membership fee or other fees for more than three months after the due date, or fails to respond to the company's demand for a specific date.
4. When a member loses economic credibility due to bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation, or dishonored bills.
5. When a member causes trouble to other members.
6. If the member violates any of the rules and regulations set forth by the Association.

Article 12 (Withdrawal from membership)

If a member wishes to withdraw from the Association for reasons of his/her own, the member shall promptly submit a request in writing as prescribed by the Association, and the withdrawal request shall be accepted when the member has paid off the annual membership fee and other obligations to the Association.

Article 13 (Suspension of Membership)

While the Association does not have a system for members to take a leave of absence from the Association, this does not apply in cases that have been approved by the Association.

Chapter 3 Rights of Members and Responsibilities to the Association

Article 14 (Family Members)

1. A family member shall cease to be eligible for membership when the original member ceases to be eligible for membership.
2. A family member may become an individual member with the approval of the Company when the original member is an individual member and the individual member loses their membership due to death or other reasons.。

Chapter 4 Others

Article 15 (Bylaws, etc.)

In order to implement the matters set forth in this constitution, detailed regulations shall be established separately. In addition, matters not provided for in this constitution and matters necessary for the execution of business shall be determined separately by the Company in the bylaws and other operating rules.

Article 16 (Amendments to the Constitution, etc.)

1. The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended when necessary for the management of the Association, and the amendments shall be effective for all members.
2. Members shall not raise any objections, assert any rights, or make any other claims in response to amendments to the Constitution.

Article 17 (Closure and Restriction of Use of Facilities)

Members agree that they may not be able to use all or part of the facilities in the following cases
1. When it is impossible to open the facility due to a natural disaster or other extenuating reasons.
2. When the facility is being remodeled or repaired.
3. In the event of a critical business reason.
4. In the event of other unavoidable circumstances such as the inability to provide adequate medical services.

Article 18.

This constitution shall take effect on September 1, 2020.